The ME CFS Foundation South Africa is the first entity in South Africa (and Africa) founded in response to ME/CFS. It was founded at the end of 2015 and obtained Public Benefit Organisation status early 2016.

The Foundation is one of the first organisations that goes beyond awareness and research campaigns. We support all of these and take part in many, however, we also know and understand that ME/CFS patients urgently need physical, emotional, social, medical as well as financial support. In their everyday lives, patients are constantly reminded that they are living with an incurable and incapacitating disease, are discriminated against because of this disease, receive inadequate therapies and receive no government assistance in South Africa.

Regrettably, ME/CFS is often referred to as “the orphan illness” as so little research has been undertaken in relation to its nature and effects.

To make matters worse, the latest research is not taught at universities/nursing colleges which further pushes ME/CFS into obscurity despite its seriousness. Fortunately, ongoing substantial research has started giving hope to the millions of sufferers around the world.

It is believed that THOUSANDS of patients across South Africa still need to be diagnosed and given access to some form of basic treatment or advice on how to live with this illness and the Foundation will be there to do just that.

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