Our Services

Services we provide (and what we do to provide these services):  

Note: provision of service is dependent on the availability of funds and sponsorships

The ME CFS Foundation South Africa is the only organisation in our country providing support for ME/CFS patients, their families and carers. In order to do this we are involved in a wide range of education and support programmes, providing access to information about ME/CFS and its co-morbid illnesses, and by advocating the interests of people with ME/CFS in government, medical and media circles.

  • Raise Awareness

We raise awareness among healthcare professionals. We need to expand the existing network of medical practitioners to enable diagnosis and provide basic symptomatic treatment.

  • Education
    • We run public awareness campaigns and projects to educate people about ME/CFS and the challenges faced by ME/CFS patients, both diagnosed and undiagnosed as well as their families. 
    • We educate health care practitioners
  • Support


                       Assist with basic necessities such as food, clothing, airtime, crutches, etc.


                         We counsel patients, loved ones and carers
                         We have a closed online support group - email info@mecfssa.org 

                          Provision of health care and symptomatic treatment

  •      Provide Information  
    • We develop and keep updated, training materials based on cutting-edge scientific research on ME/CFS for use in the public and private health care sectors for the benefit of patients - we get our information mostly from overseas research institutions and ME/CFS organisations
    • Being a repository of knowledge and resources for the benefit of patients, their families and carers, the medical profession and other interested parties
  • Advocacy
    • We use social media and other platforms to advocate for the rights of patients with ME/CFS
  • Building networks 
    • Building networks and form alliances with health care practitioners, ME/CFS communities, ME/CFS organisations globally, the government, research institutions, etc.
    • We have started connecting with patients in other African countries.

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