Our vision, mission and objectives


Our vision is to transform the lives of all ME/CFS patients in South Africa (& the rest of Africa) by receiving appropriate health care and be treated with dignity.


The ME CFS Foundation South Africa is committed to improving the quality of life of all people affected by ME/CFS in South Africa and the rest of the continent by addressing the needs of sufferers, educating the public, medical students, health care practitioners, governments and advocating for their rights.


The main objectives of the Foundation are:
• the provision of healthcare services to poor and needy persons with ME/CFS across all races, sexes and socioeconomic classes; and
• the care or counselling of terminally ill persons or persons with severe physical disability due to ME/CFS, and the counselling of their families in this regard.

These objectives are generally achieved through the following core activities:
• To provide healthcare and counselling services for those patients who cannot afford them;
• To raise awareness of ME/CFS; and
• To advocate for the rights and interests of persons living with ME/CFS.

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