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Willa Truter Interesting Developments

Since May 2018 Wila Truter volunteers her graphic and content management skills in order to develop our website. Willa Truter and her husband AndrèTruter work as a team on the site.  They came to the foundation for support and offered their support in return.  They had a decade of sleep deprivation due to their son's Autistic sleep disorder.

Willa is not diagnosed with ME/CFS.  Willa was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2003 and most likely have a caregiver burnout and find support through the foundation as she ticks all the boxes for ME/CFS.

Please see the links below and support her in any way you can!

Willa THANK YOU for always helping whenever you can!

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Interesting Developments
Interesting Developments is the brainchild of Ah,Willa! 
to bring awareness and information of Twice Exceptionalities (2e) people. 
You can support by sharing the podcast/vlog episodes
and/or interacting via their social media platforms.  For more information, click here

You can furthermore support Willa, by buying your Canamere products
via her affiliate link.
If you want to know more about Canemere you can e-mail Willa via

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