Clarinda Viviers - Co-Founder and Director


  • National Senior Certificate (2012)
  • 2-year Emergency Medical Care training (UJ) (2013-2104)
  • BSc (2017 – present) Majors: Mathematics and Physiology (other subjects relevant to the medical field are: Biochemistry, Molecular Genetics and Biopolymers of heredity)

Clarinda always had an interest in the medical field and all she ever wanted was to be a medical doctor. However, during her Grade 11 year she contracted a virus resulting in Viral Myocarditis and had to leave school. She completed her matric via home-school. 

Clarinda then went on and did 2 years of training as a Paramedic. Her passion is to work in the medical field and she adds great value to the Foundation.

Clarinda co-founded THE ME CFS FOUNDATION SOUTH AFRICA NPO early 2016.



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